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GT Chameleons are a non breedable pet for Second Life.

Instuctions and Details

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of GeoTEK Chameleons.

Please read this notecard til the end to make sure you get the best possible result from this kit.

Step one.

   Rez the {GT}-{Chameleon}-{Mat} prim and place it where you would like to setup the Chameleon Habitat.

Step two.

   Rez the included {GT}-{Chameleon}-{ITEMNAMES} prims and place them where you would like. Making sure that they are withing the area of the mat prim.

Step three.

   Rez the {GT}-{Chameleon} as close to the center of the mat as possible.

Step four.

   touch the mat and choose align from the menu. this will move the chameleon to line up with the mat.

Step five.

   touch each of the {GT}-{Chameleon}-{ITEMNAMES} prims you have rezzed out. this will allow the chameleon to know where the items are. if you need to move an item do so then touch the baseplate for that item again.

Chameleon Menu


   this will allow you to change the name of your Chameleon


   this will toggle the float text on and off


   this will allow you to change what the Chameleon says when other people touch it.
       if you would like the chameleon to say the person's name who touched it add @username to the input for this option
       if you would liek the chameleon to say your name add @ownername to the input for this option


   this will allow you to give your chameleon a little nickname/title that is displayed under the name in float text


   this will allow you to clear the title in float text

if you have any issues or need help in any way please contact geopbyte Resident.

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